Washington State—Explore its Beauties!

The most popular place to witness the changing colors of fall season is undoubtedly in New England. Lately, though, one state is out to prove that it has fall colors that rival even those of New England: our home state of Washington. Many areas of the state are teeming with electric yellows, golds, oranges, and reds.


Here are some of the best spots in Washington to witness the glories of nature:

  1. The Bellevue Botanical Garden
    The vast grounds of this garden in Bellevue span 53 acres and houses a lot of colorful foliage. The garden encompasses woodlands, wetlands, and meadows. People can go on the Lost Meadow Loop Trail. The whole length takes a third of a mile that is lined with the colors of fall. Guests can also witness flowers blooming until the middle of November. The Bellevue Botanical Garden is open seven days a week, and perhaps best of all, it is free to the public.
  2. The Discovery Park
    This is the biggest park in Seattle. The property measures 534 acres and includes Magnolia Bluff. Guests will be treated to picturesque cliffs, gorges, and lots of woods. Sand dunes are on site as well. Amble away with your family or friends through 11 total miles of walking paths. Children will love it, too, thanks to its kid-friendly playgrounds. Take a picnic along and as you eat, enjoy the sights, including the fall foliage.
  3. The Kubota Garden
    This site offers one of the most serene garden settings within the city limits of Seattle. Enjoy water? Take in the impressive waterfall and fish ponds. Beyond that, enjoy the gems of the parks–Japanese maple Trees that number in the hundreds. Admission is free. Guests can download a tourist map from their website.

You needn’t leave Washington to discover fall beauties. Washington state showcases a wide variety of them.