Vinyl Styles

Your home reflects your style. Every chair design, wall colors, wallpaper designs, and displayed artworks mirrors you. Simply put, your home is your self-portrait.

Your flooring is also an image of you and to help you find the style of vinyl floors that speak to you, this page was put up. The seemingly endless array of vinyl choices can scare even the most experienced of shoppers. However, knowing some information about the basic types of vinyl flooring can help narrow down your selections.

  • Updated styles
  • Non-shiny and don’t rip and get dented easily
  • A vast collection of color and design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Mimic the look of hardwood, ceramic tile, slate and natural stone

What you need to know about vinyl:

  • Installed in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas
  • good for active households
  • practical, fashionable and functional
  • if replacement is imminent, vinyl flooring will save you money and time
  • known to be cushiony and warm to the touch
  • easier to detach compared to tiles and natural stone floors

Vinyl grades

  • the more expensive, the more versatile
  • you get what you pay for
  • better wearlayers are easier to clean
  • top quality wearlayers are resistant to scratches, stains and scuffs

Size of the vinyl pattern

  • larger patterns gives you an illusion of bigger space
  • always take into consideration the size of the room and pattern
  • small patterns are ideal for small areas where pattern can be visually interrupted by pieces of furniture
  • lighter colors provide a larger room illusion
  • darker colors absorb light well and creates a more intimate set up

Other vinyl-releated considerations

  • be sure the pattern of your vinyl compliments the room color or the design of the wallpaper
  • large-scale print for walls equals smaller patterns for the floor
  • select gloss levels that will suit your need
  • small-scale print on walls or furniture equals bigger patterns on floors
  • the lower gloss level means more friction means less slips
vinyl styles
vinyl styles