How Vinyl is Made

The home is primarily comprised of family and friends, the floor which you walk in is still a vital part of it. Flooring still has a lot of impact to your home. In this section, how vinyl is manufactured is explained. This specific type of information will give you more insight which could help you better understand vinyl and from there, assess its qualities – durability, aesthetics and so on.

Rotogravure Vinyl Construction:

  • making residential vinyl floors usually use this method
  • big variety of design and pattern
  • cylinder systematically that spins around while the vinyl’s core layer (gel coat) passes underneath
  • appearance retention is dependent on the strength of the wear layer
  • cylinder systematically prints various colored ink dyes to create the pattern
  • after the print dyes are set a clear wear layer is applied to the surface

Wearlayer Vinyl:

  • very vital to the functioning of vinyl floors
  • usually measured in mils
  • mil’s thickness is comparable to the page of a phonebook
  • thickness varies with each collection
  • pricey vinyl floors have thicker wear layers

Vinyl performance characteristics:

  • long-lasting “new” appearance
  • easy maintenance
  • spills are easy to clean up
  • resists stains from normal household products
  • when vinyl starts to look worn, it is due to the fine hairline scratches in the wearlayer
  • do not show scratches easily
vinyl made
vinyl made