Simple Labor Day Home Improvement Ideas

Labor Day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. If you’re in a working mood this holiday, why not take on a few DIY activities around your home?


  1. Spice up your walls! Add wall décor to give your walls a bit more oomph. You can put up a big mirror so the room looks larger or add some chic shelves. Check out websites like Houzz for some stylish wainscoting ideas. If the paint is plain and tired, try a sharp, new coat. It’s a cheap way to freshen up a room.
  2. Improve your lighting. If your fixtures are outdated, replace them with a streamlined, modern design. Today’s fixtures can often make the room appear larger. Try pendant lighting or hanging lamps. Track lighting under cabinets can also do wonders for a kitchen.
  3. Revamp your main entry. This can give a lot of bang for the buck. After all, the entry is the first thing people see as they approach your home. Give it a fresh and vibrant look by starting with a new door. Pick out well-designed hardware to compliment your new look. You can also adorn your front patio and walkway with plants and flowers.
  4. Beautify your bathroom. You only need to add a few features to give your bathroom a new look. Perhaps a new lighting fixture or a new toilet cover will do the trick. A new mirror or some new paint can be applied easily.
  5. Clean up. Sometimes, all your house needs is a thorough cleaning. Pick a room and hit the walls with a sponge and mild cleaner. Clean the windows in and out and steam clean the carpet. Use a broom to take down dust and spider webs from the front porch.

A little elbow grease can go a long way to help you emerge from Labor Day feeling happier at home.