Reasons to Choose Quartz over Granite

There are a variety of countertop materials available to make your kitchen look elegant and beautiful. At times, choosing the right material for your kitchen could be a challenge. Currently, the trend is for people to use either granite or quartz for their countertops, but more people tend to favor quartz over granite for the following reasons:

Choose Quartz over Granite

(Pixabay / ErikaWittlieb)

  • Cost – Every homeowner wants the best value for their money, and quartz usually gives more bang for the buck. Quartz is cheaper than granite but compares well in terms of quality and beauty.
  • Appearance – Quartz slabs can be crafted to a desired appearance. They can be produced according to the specified color, pattern, and texture. Quartz is not prone to defects during cutting.
  • Strength – Quartz counters are produced by combining 93% natural quartz stone, 7% resin binder and pigments. This durable blend creates an extremely hard stone that is stronger than marble or granite.
  • Non-porous – Quartz is a non-porous material, unlike granite and marble. Any wine or coffee spills on unsealed granite or marble countertops will be absorbed by the porous stone and leave permanent stains. This will not happen with a quartz countertop.
  • Hygienic – Top brands of quartz are manufactured to be bacteria-free, making quartz countertops ideal for food preparation.
  • Low-maintenance – Quartz countertops do not require routine maintenance such as sealing so you don’t need to keep shelling out to keep them in good condition. Granite or marble countertops add up over time due to ongoing upkeep requirements.
  • Color consistency – The color of your quartz countertop will remain the same through the years. This is not the case with granite countertops, which are commercially dyed to improve their profiles. The dyed granite countertops will eventually fade or change color with time. 
  • Easy cleaning – You can clean quartz surfaces simply with soap and water. There’s no need to use bacteria-preventing soaps that are necessary for granite countertops.
  • Scratch-free – Quartz is virtually scratch-free because of the manufacturing process.

If you are remodeling your kitchen and deciding on a material for your countertops, consider the many benefits of quartz.