Ideas for Trimming Kitchen Remodel Costs

The average kitchen remodel typically runs from $20,000 to $50,000, depending on the nature of the renovation. However, you could save some money if you follow some basic tips.

Ideas for Trimming Kitchen Remodel Costs

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  • Work surfaces – Countertops are highly visible. You can add instant elegance to your kitchen by installing high-end countertop materials such as granite or marble. If those expensive materials are not within your budget, you can still have beautiful countertops with cheaper materials such as laminate or ceramic tile. You could also opt for “instant granite” vinyl film products that can be applied over your current surface and resemble real granite or marble.
  • Cabinets – You don’t have to replace all of your kitchen cabinets. If they are still in relatively good condition but need a facelift, you may be able to restore their beauty with a fresh coat of paint. Cabinets with wood finish can be brought back to life with the help of products designed to revive faded wood. If the doors of your cabinet are old or damaged, you may want to replace them. If they are in decent condition but need a little extra oomph, try installing new hardware.
  • Appliances – Look for energy rebates offered by the utility company or government. The rebates could be used to get new, energy-efficient appliances after turning in your current electricity-guzzlers. You can save money by buying from discount stores that offer brand-new appliances with slight scratches or dents. As long as these appliances are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty, they can be a great investment.
  • Buy discontinued or recycled materials – You can save a lot on materials by buying discontinued items that are on sale. The selling price of renovation materials will drop the moment the manufacturer stops making them. The quality and function of the items will still be good, and you can enjoy the discount.

Little savings add up as you look toward the kitchen of our dreams. Ask your local Washington kitchen remodel contractor for more advice on how to save money renovating your kitchen.


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