Energy Saving Tips For Upcoming Summer Months

While most of us can’t wait for summer weather to get here soon enough, there is one thing that is nice about winter. Lower heating bills. So, what can you do when hot summer months return? Here’s a few brief, easy tips for improving utility efficiency, saving energy, and minimizing environmental impact.


  • Turn off the thermostat when away for hours/days at a time. A few hours here and there with the thermostat turned off can lead to a noticeable decrease in your monthly bill.
  • Replace or clean your furnace filter at least every quarter, if no every other month. It may sound trivial but this is one of the most cost effective and largest impact tasks that you can do to ensure increased airflow (better cooling) within your home.
  • When you get your home to a comfortable temperature and if you have central air conditioning you can often turn the fan to the “on” position, instead of “auto.” This will help you cycle existing cool air with less power load (energy costs).
  • During summer, the sun is out and is a perfect, FREE way to dry clothes after a wash.
    Enjoy the outdoors. Warm temperatures are often more tolerable outside vs. inside your home. Summer is the perfect time to go out. Hit the lake, do outdoor activities, leave the house. And when you do, turn off unused devices and appliances to save on electricity.

The summer heat doesn’t have to be a burden. Improve your health and be active outside, while reducing your cooling bills at the same time. Should you be a homebody there’s nothing wrong with that either. Hopefully the tips above help. Do you have your own tips to contribute?