Have a Comfortable Home during Self-Improvement Month

For Self-Improvement Month, why not focus on something that says a lot about you—your home. It’s important to make your home meet your standards for appearance and overall “feel.” Home should be a place you love to be.


At Washington State Closet, Bath & Kitchen, we offer a few tips to make your home comfortable and uniquely you:

  1. Be daring. You may like a couple different styles and looks but are afraid to mix them. Juxtaposing pieces often complement each other very well, though, giving a yin-yang effect. Vignette drawings combined with a modern designed chair and table provide just one example.
  2. Trial and error is a good thing. You will never know what works well unless you try it. You can experiment with fabrics for upholstery, or you can introduce an elaborate designed rug to a room full of minimalist designs. If you’re not sure how a new item will look in a room, try it! Most stores honor returns as long as you save your receipt. Sometimes, things that look great in the store may not mesh well with your home and style, but there’s no way to know that unless you see things in proper context.
  3. Bring a little nature into your home. Bring in some live plants that can survive in little sunlight. Terrarium plants provide a stunning effect to any room. Natural flourishes can add a fresh, modern look.
  4. Your personal artwork adds character to your home. It does not have to be the best painting. It can even be a drawing ripped from a sketchbook or something your kids created at school. Frame the art for a unique wall collage. Self-made art projects make great conversation pieces. If you have picked up souvenirs in your travel, add those to walls or shelves. They look nice while telling your visitors something about your family’s stories.
  5. Temperature is important. Your home may look comfy and cozy, but make sure it feels that way, too. To prevent heating outages with the cold months approaching, make sure to get your heating unit serviced. The cost of a service call is often worth it to avert disaster deeper into the season.

They say there’s no place like home. A few “tweaks” can may home look and feel better than ever.