Black Mold and Rot in Bathrooms

Black Mold and Rot in Bathrooms Loose Ceramic Tiles in Bathroom

Loose tiles, water seeping into green board backer is a recipe for mold, rot and bugs.

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Kitchen Remodeling Contractor’s Loose Ceramic Floor Grout

This kitchen ceramic floor tile was improperly installed directly on lino / luan plywood which is not stable, causing the tile to break and throw grout. This situation generally takes a year or two to show itself which is normally past most state mandated contractor warranties (1yr). If you are lucky to have a contractor who stands behind there work, they will repair it. Of course why would you do this in the first place? To repair this floor correctly all layers of flooring must be removed to subfloor re-nailing with ringshanks and installing 1/2″ concrete board set in thinset . Complicating this after the fact repair is new cabinets, appliances and granite tops that must be protected 2 years after the original remodel was completed.