Avoid These Home Renovation Blunders

Renovating a home is no small pursuit. A mistake in this arena could amount to thousands of ill-spent dollars. If you’re contemplating renovating your home, avoid these frequently-made remodeling missteps.

Home Renovation Blunders

(Pixabay / paulbr75)

  • Going with the lowest bidder – It’s tempting to go with the lowest-bidding contractor, but it’s not always wise. If the contractor does shoddy work, you’ll be spending extra to fix their mistakes. Get quotes from at least three contractors before making your choice. Ask the contractors for references and photos of their projects so you will have an idea of how they work. Check online reviews as well.
  • Measuring incorrectly – You can add dazzle to an old kitchen by replacing outdated cabinets. The big challenge with cabinets, though, is to measure correctly. If you’re off even by a little, you can end up with a mess on your hands. Measure multiple times to make sure that you have your numbers right.
  • Granite or nothing – Granite countertops look beautiful and elegant, but they are expensive. If stone countertops are going to consume most of your budget, consider other options. There is no point in splurging on countertops that leave you with very little money for cabinetry, light fixtures and more. There are many other options for kitchen surfaces that look great and cost less, including an attractive laminate that looks a lot like granite.
  • Fad designs – Home improvement magazines are full of bold, trendy kitchen designs, but don’t lock yourself into designer looks with expiration dates. Some fads pass quickly, leaving you with an outdated kitchen on your hands. Ask your Tacoma remodeling contractor about timeless designs.
  • Ordering just enough flooring material – You will most likely order your flooring material before the remodeling starts. You may get just enough because you don’t want to waste money. During the construction phase of the project, however, flooring can be damaged or broken. You will then be forced to order extra. When you are buying only a few pieces, you will pay more per piece than if you had ordered them as part of your original bulk purchase.

You may want to have your home renovation done as quickly as possible, but it’s better to be cautious as you prepare and execute your projects. Contact a Tacoma home remodeling contractor, and draw on their experience to help you avoid costly mistakes.